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Voice of Hope (VOH) Victim Advocacy Services





Advocates meet sexual assault and/or sex trafficking survivors, non offending family members, law enforcement and the SANE. We provide advocacy throughout the forensic sexual assault medical exam. We also provide survivors with an informational and referral packet. In addition, survivors receive a personal care package and clothing is furnished when necessary.







 24 HourMedicalAccompaniment 








Staff & Volunteers answer the sexual assault/sex trafficking hotline. All staff/volunteers are trained and certified through the Office of the Attorney General to handle

sexual assault immediate and delayed outcry calls.








Voice of Hope partners with Forensic Nurse Staffing of West Texas (FNSWT) to provide trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) to perform forensic medical examinations to child/adult victims of sexual assault/sex trafficking, and to offer testimony when cases go to court.






 24 HourCrisisHotline  







 24 HourSANEServices 



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An Advocate is present at the hospital when the victim gives their initial statement to a police officer. Later an advocate is available to accompany the survivor to the police station where the formal statement is given to the detective assigned to investigate the case.







 Law Enforcement Accompaniment  







VOH offers individual counseling and therapeutic groups to sexual assault/sex trafficking survivors and non offending family members affected by this senseless crime of rape. All counseling services are provided by a licensed therapist and services are free of charge. Therapist is bilingual (English/Spanish)





Three (3) to five (5) working days after the initial intake at the hospital, VOH follows up with sexual assault/sex trafficking survivors to make sure they are doing alright, and to schedule an appointment, if necessary to assist with Crime Victim’s Compensation paperwork. Sexual assault/sex trafficking survivors are encouraged to have follow up testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s). VOH will make referrals at this time, if needed and schedule a counseling appointment with our sexual assault therapeutic counselor if the survivor wishes.













 Case Follow Up and Referral 




All services provided for

victims are free of cost











Crisis Intervention & Advocacy

Face to Face Crisis Intervention and Victim Advocacy Services are available during regular business hours (8am-5pm).

Call our 24 hour Crisis hotline at 806.763.7273 for more information. In addition, we provide assistance on behalf

of child/adult survivors of sexual violence with third parties (i.e. schools, employers, law enforcement agencies,

health care professionals, prosecutor's offices, and Crime Victim's Compensation.) Advocacy is provided by

OAG certified trained staff/volunteers.




Assistance available for victims, non offending family members and friends affected

by the trauma of sexual assault/sex trafficking : (806) 763 - 7273






When we are notified a case is going to trial we contact the survivor to see if they have any questions and go over any concerns they may have. VOH also goes to court to offer moral support not only to the survivor and their families but also to any agency testifying on behalf of the survivor. Also, often times, staff and volunteers are called upon to testify.


 Judicial Accompaniment 






LRCC endeavors to educate Lubbock and surrounding rural communities on the issue of sexual assault/sex trafficking in addition to methods for Sexual Assault prevention for all ages.